This morning I woke up with a mAgical sense of wonder. It felt as if I was just waking up on this earth for the very first time… As my eyes slowly opened the first thing I noticed it was the absence of that constant inner mental chatter. My brain, my mind were quiet, it was someone else doing the observing. I was not preoccupied with past or future, I was just happy to be alive NOW, to be able to breath, see, feel and be. What a strange and wesome feeling of just being.

I suddenly started to notice the room around me, the little details, the sound of the ventilator, the patterns in the curtain, the way the diary rested on the mantle piece accompanied by pens and letters. And suddenly I thought/felt this is material but is reality, it’s modable, changeable. In a moment I understood the meaning of life, that being ALIVE is the greatest gift! I started to look at my hands, to caress them and really notice the shape and size of my hands and to feel in my heart this immense sense of gratitude for ALL the amazing things I could do and create with my hands! I could touch and write, and work and help. I touched my harms in awe of the wonder of this incredible vehicle we have each been given called body. Through it, you can walk and travel, and feel people, and touch and create! And it hit me!

I REALISED, that I was a beautiful and a perfect creation, but that was not all. I also realised, that I was a creator. THE CREATOR and designer of my life and my own destiny – such a profound knowledge! How did I not understand this before? How and why I gave my power away to others? When I, and you! We are powerful beyond measure. There is nothing holding me back from creating the life of my own design, tailor suited only for me. The world is my canvas, I decide what to draw, where to draw it, who comes into my life and the type of life I want and desire. I can be and do anything! I am alive!

I feel amazing. A new start, a profound understanding that I can create the life I want with my thoughts, words and actions. It was my birthday yesterday Wednesday 12 of November, and today I feel born again, like a baby who just arrived on this earth and looks at it with a sense of wonder. I am powerful, I am mAgical. GOD has granted me another day of life and what a blessing and a present it is! Today don’t linger in the past or run away no an unreal future. Stay in the present. Live your life to the fullest. Appreciate you, appreciate life and all the beauty around, appreciate everything and everyone in your life. Be glad to be ALIVE and grasp that mAgical wand and go out there and create the life you want and deserve.


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    Going back to my writing. Rereading some of my blog posts, I want to share with you this one. ALIVE, because we all need reminders of how wonderful we truly are, and the precious gift of life. I hope you enjoy it dear ones.

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